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Dream Now, Dream Big

Dream Now, Dream Big

Dreams!  What are dreams? Are they just what we see in a state of unconsciousness or what we wish long and hard for? We use the word dream on a daily basis “my dream is…” but when asked what your purpose here on earth is? Most of us run a blank. Little do you know that your dream is connected to your purpose? Ask yourself this “who do you think put that dream there and where do you find purpose?”

A lot of people have given up dreaming, some think their dreams can never be realized and some have settled to leave them as just mental images. To this, I will give one of my much loved quotes “quitters never win and winners never quit.”

Dreaming takes you to the next level, dreaming keep you looking onward, keep you moving; dreaming is an indicator to the next level in life for you. It’s  a proof of what God has put in you and what exactly is in your hands that needs nurturing and pruning, a times when I dream it feels implausible, a times we are not in any way ready for the things we dream about; be it financially, mentally or emotionally. But once you stop dreaming you are regarded as dead. The reason everyone gets up in the morning is because, we all have dreams to realize; dreams you want to see come alive.

 Question to self why do I dream?

And how long do I pursue a dream?

Okay, an answer for the frequently asked question? Why do we dream? Well! i would say “we dream because firstly it’s in our makeup/ nature as living beings, we dream because we have greatness inside us; greatness that is looking for one way or the other to burst out and then secondly our dream, in life gives us a sense of direction.”

Remember this?

Climb every mountain, ford every stream,
Follow every rainbow, till you find your dream

The process of achieving your dream

This process is not an easy one neither is it an impossible one, you may not know it now but everything you go through to achieve your dream is just what you need to get yourself equipped to fully realize that dream, “yes!” and I am also talking about that particular situation you would presently describe as hellish. So next time you want to give up on the way to your dream? Realize this! you cut yourself short of being properly equipped to living a great dream. Most of the people who are right now living lives worth envying,  did not get there on a bed of roses there is no successful person that did not have his or her own rough challenges on their way up.

Some of our dreams feel like a typical needle in the hay stack, well as long as you are sure that needle exist, you keep searching till you get it; the key? Determination!!!

The next question commonly asked when people feel like they are at frustration point is how long do I keep chasing a dream? Now, the answer to that question is a very simple one, you keep chasing that dream until you get it. I know! I know!! I know!!! Easier said than done; but think about it if you give up every time things get rough you might never achieve anything here on planet earth; everything worth celebrating is worth working for. Greatness never comes cheaply if it did it would not be celebrated. Great people are determined people. You must also know that determination is not “…I’ve been at this for years and year…” determination is staying at it until you get results. Don’t settle for less. Like a saying goes great things are done when men meet mountains. Plus you know you can never measure the height of a mountain till you get to the top. Have you ever tried mountain climbing it’s the most tedious walk ever. Every part of your body is working and at full alert, your mind, arms, leg, your back and even breathing is a painstaking challenge, it gets to the point where sliding down the mountain or if possible being air lifted becomes more appealing but with the right company all you need is a little nudge to keep going; it’s not a fun fair but you keep moving and then finally when you get to the top, the view that waits for you up there makes it all worth it, plus the great feeling of accomplishments that overwhelms you is totally intoxicating and fulfilling. You tell yourself I made it, and you don’t feel silly or stupid for the effort put into it you just feel really great.

We all call it different names success, greatness, achievement, victory triumph, goals, purpose, ambition, Dreams!!! For us humans the true dream is being able to dream at all; so dare to dream and dream big. Because dreams give us something concrete to focus on, and that has a positive impact on our actions. Therefore, do more than dream! Set your goals now! And remember Life steps aside for anyone who knows where they are headed.

“ Every dream is great when greatly pursued.”

Furthermore, Dreams require a person to stretch, to go beyond average, you can’t reach for a dream and remain safely mediocre the two don’t go hand in hand.

More importantly you should know that dreams are renewable, so if yours feels stale; it’s time to renew them and to you who have not been dreaming it’s time to start dreaming. Dream now! Dream big!!! Don’t be discouraged from dreaming by others, past hurts or disappointment, don’t settle for average, find the confidence needed to pursue your dream. Let your imagination take you away; cos imagination is the ground where dreams are birthed.

Faith Onyebujoh


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  1. Nice piece. Good to read something that spurs your determination to do great things.

    • thanks dearie you know i just feel like if only we can keep dreaming our world will be in a better place its mostly pple with crushed dreams, pple who have completely given up on dreaming that ruin it for us….so lets spread the word dream big dream now!!!!!

  2. Favourite Voice on Radio; Faith! Good Job. This is Favourite Voice in Paper..lol
    This is so wonderful, Very inspiring and mind blown.
    I must so much that God for creating Humans Like You for Been Blessings to others…..and the Almighty One will surely multiply His Blessings to those who are of Blessing to others. Thanks for this!

  3. Hey gurl, this has to be my fav. It kinda jerked my dreams back to reality. Very educative too. I love writers who give of themselves to build others and you are definitely a blessing to me and this world. Keep rocking gurl;)

  4. This is a wonderful piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This is a very lovely and inspired article. keep it up!!!!!!!!!!

    Temitope olowoake obileye
  6. Believe ur dreame. Dream high

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