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Love !what a beautiful feeling to be totally and utterly blissfully in love; everyone longs for that feeling to love and be loved, to trust another human completely, to know that someone else thinks the world of you that someone else thinks you matter, that there is someone there for you at all times and you are not alone. But what happens when this same person who’s the object of your affection, this same person who you think is the source of life right now, is no longer in the picture? Big Question! Right? One that would most likely evoke a loud exclamation or a heavy sigh! It would have been easier if like a switch that is put on and off, the intense negative feelings and memories that follow such an occurrence, went away completely with them as they walked out of your life.

Everyone talk s about love, it has so many expressions, songs of love, colors of love, look s that say “I love you!”, months of love, book s of love, letters of love, memories of love and even a smell connected to a loved one, a smell that evokes a memory. It’s these beautiful things that hunt you at the end of the day; these seemingly beautiful things that you right now feel like you can’t do without; hunt you and yet it’s difficult to let them go. No! Not difficult, you don’t want to let them go ‘cos you can’t imagine going on without having them to hold on to even if they cause you pain. Some people show the pain these expressions cause while others die silently pretending they have no effect on them. And, yet it’s amazing despite the agonizing pain of being in love, you still see people desperately seeking it out. Going extreme lengths to get it, even you seek it out question? do you love grieve? Or Do you love pain? No matter how often one might get run over, no matter how badly damaged one is, people still seek this phenomenon called love out believing that they are yet to find the real deal but how is anyone sure that the real thing is any better. I guess its all part of being human; a desire for contentment; and man can know no rest until he finds what he is looking for.

We, complement each other here on earth but ultimately what we seek we cannot get from another human being, what we seek is the perfect kind of love the God kind of love(Agape love), he put s that desire in us so we can develop close relationship with him. That is why the only one true example of pure, unadulterated, unconditional love was from his son Jesus Christ. Emulating this love might seem out of the question but believe me it is very do-able and very possible. Just imagine that feeling you get when you’re in the arms of a loved one, now multiply that by a 100% …Yeah! …… that’s right …… it would simply blow your mind away. We choose what we want; …to be on the sunny side of love or not to. It’s all up to us; but you’ve got to choose this instant. You are what you say, you are what you think.


So to answer the question what does love look like??? look in the mirrors and you’ll see what love looks like,,,lol!!!!


Posted October 15, 2011 by Faith Onyebujoh in Uncategorized

2 responses to “WHAT DOES LOVE LOOK LIKE!!!

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  1. Love looks like a happy smiling little child who knows no wickedness, it looks like You and me it looks like nature…..a calm serene place…..

    Timothy Onyebujoh
  2. Great!

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