I’ve thought long and hard and I ask myself what would I like to contribute to this world, in what way can I give a helping hand to a dying world….????

Answer……..By being “ME”….

….The part of “ME” that would love no questions asked, the part of “ME” that would give without expecting payback, The part of “ME” that would comfort a child that isn’t mine, The part of “ME” that would clothe, feed and shelter a person that can’t afford to pay me back, The part of “ME” that would see something wrong and fix it without being told, The part of “ME” that would respect the elderly no matter what.

….But, what have I done with that part of “ME”? I have suppressed and thrown away that part of “ME”, making room for the “ME” that would love for selfish reasons, The part of “ME” that would only give if the payback was with interest, The part of “ME” that would only comfort a child because its mine and I had no choice in the matter, The part of “ME” that would only clothe, feed and shelter a person cos I had vested interest in doing so; that part of “ME” that would go ahead to fix something, if I could be recognized and praised for it, That part of “ME” that would only respect my elders because of what I could get from them.

The part of “ME” the world sees and praises the part of “ME” the world considers strong…. …But, how dumb the world is what do they know? Because that part of “ME” not celebrated by the world which is called a fool and a weakling actually out lasts the part of “ME” which is selfish and conceited this part of “ME” celebrated by the world. But why can’t I become That part of “ME” that puts a smile below the crimson red eyes that’s been crying all night, or clothes on a tired back that’s been exposed to the cold for too long, or food in a stomach that’s been hungry for weeks, or joy in a heart that’s been aching…or cause hope to shine into a heart that’s been broken simply by loving it?

….. This part of “ME” though not celebrated by the world because they are too short sighted….definitely lasts forever, because stories will be told of that part of “ME”, that caused hope to shine in a hopeless world, that part of “ME” that held on to the last thread of love in a loveless world, That part of “ME” that caused a broken heart to believe again and hold on for one more chance…for a brand new beginning; Yes!!! Stories will be told of that part of “ME” the world thinks is in fairy tales or a myth; that part of “ME” that MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!! This part of “ME” lives on but barely and why is it so? Here is your answer… …Its, because, we wait for the approval of a blind world system that knows no better. It’s time to look somewhere else for approval, a place that offers solution and not confusion….. “I look to the hills from where comes my help; my help comes from the Lord.”


“Never be afraid to do something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark; professionals built the titanic.”


I choose that part of “ME” that makes a difference…..do you???

By Faith Onyebujoh


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  1. Tnx for this piece! If everyone listened to, or read, this advice the word will be a much better place. I believe blogging is a powerful tool for making a difference. Thumbs up girl

    • thanks my dear u know there’s dis wise saying that goes “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”
      an if we just fold our hands how will change come abt…….if Micheal Jackson said notin else one tin i hold…..lets start wit d man/woman in d mirror……keep d fire burning n keep d positive messages rolling. tke kia

  2. We must become the change we want to see in the world…..Gandhi
    honestly friends We have it in our power to change the world over…….its never too late to start lets start by changing our thinking system n d rest will follow

  3. Nyc 1,”it’s okay to be afraid of trying something new but if u dnt try at all,u mite lose out ur whole life”.So lets overcome our fears by confronting it.

    Onaemu Oghenetega

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