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God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.

Hello pipz!!!! So I recently celebrated my birthday 25TH may to be precise, and No! You may not ask me how old I am….LOL!!!! but it got me wondering about birthday celebrations; yes! You’ve added one more year to you life hear on planet earth that’s a wonderful thing. But who put the rules for how birthdays ought to be celebrated???
Remember when we were younger and didn’t need to do any worrying of any sort we left that for our Moms and Dads; all we had to do was dress up, look good, play games, cut cakes and finally open up our gifts…… Now, taking a look back it seems we received more gifts back then than we do now.

“I personally don’t believe that a good gift is an expensive gift.

Anyway, I got a bit worried why this is so??? Did we all grow up and stop loving and caring completely??? Or are gifts for adults quite pricey? I ask this because a friend said quite recently that he thinks it’s the economic crunch we’re all facing presently that is partly to blame. I personally don’t believe that a good gift is an expensive gift. My simple rule for getting a gift is……getting something within your means that either the person needs or something that reminds you of that person or a moment shared.

A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

 Some people, as they get older see birthdays as a time to take stock of your life; looking at your achievements thus far you know checking out how well you did at achieving your set goals blah! Blah!! Well I’ll have you know that if you wait till its your birthday to take stock of your life then already you’re planning to fail Q.E.D You are supposed to take stock of your life on a day to day basis.

You need to set aside you birthday as a time of celebration of life a moment to share with family and friends; and decide that no matter what happens on your special day you’ll keep a cheerful positive disposition so for my Birthday rules here they are:-

1. BE HAPPY. It’s practically a law. Even the most wretched person on earth is required to take a day off from the pursuit of misery on their birthday. Not only will your family and friends feel compelled to remind you of your duty to stay happy, but even perfect strangers will get into the act. On catching sight of your birth-date, everyone will stop everything and order you to be happy! Now! And if you find yourself in a restaurant, don’t be surprise if a bunch of strangers, come over to your table with a wide grin singing Happy Birthday to you!!!!

2. BE WISE because happiness is a fickle thing; and if you’re not a little bit wise, you probably won’t be all that happy either. Sure, it’s YOUR day and you’re supposed to enjoy it, but if you expect Happiness to behave in a certain way, it will squirm out of your arms as quickly as a wayward two year old. In the end, the happiness paradox is the same on your birthday as it is on every day: If you want it, you’ve got to give it to someone else. Yep–even on your birthday.

3. BE GRATEFUL for the gifts you got, and even more so for the ones you didn’t need to get. Be grateful for the people who remembered your birthday, and love the ones who forgot. If you’re old, take time to be grateful and amazed by all the lives you contain. Celebrate the entwined mysteries of fragility and strength. And if you’re young, go outside and shout down the stars. It’s your world.

But above all, be grateful for your happiness, however worn and misshapen and imperfect it might be. It is yours. When it appears at the door in its artful disguise, take care never to turn it away.

Have a Happy, Wise, and Grateful Birthday!!!!!


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