d gift of xmas



The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.
– Burton Hillis



Ok so its Christmas and everyone is busy shopping and all, but the most interesting part of shopping are the gifts people are expecting this season… I thought to take a minute to talk on the gift of Christmas Now we know that Christmas is the yearly celebration of the birth of Jesus, but it is truly a gift that we must experience each day. I share with you and all my readers the following thoughts — based on a meditation by an anonymous author — which enlighten us during the busy holiday season and sums up the true meaning of what we hope to celebrate as people of faith.

the gift of hope

“The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others’ burdens, easing other’s loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of Christmas.” 
WC Jones

Christmas is a present, not a past.

Christmas should not be just a historical date to remember, but a gift to be lived.

When you decide to love those around you, that day is Christmas.

When you take the first step to be at peace with a loved one, that day is Christmas.

When you meet someone who asks for help and you assist them with all your heart, that day is Christmas.


If there is no joyous way to give a festive gift, give love away



When you take time to talk to someone who is lonely and sad, that day is Christmas.

When you understand that resentment can be transformed by forgiveness, that day is Christmas.

When you let go of something to give to someone who needs it more than you, that day is Christmas.

When you realize that love, service and authentic concern are the best gifts, that day is Christmas.

When you decide to live with joy and hope rather than surrender to fear and sadness, that day is Christmas.


Christmas is something that was born in the heart of God — who motivated by pure love — sent his son Jesus to save us. Yet, Christmas comes alive this season when we allow its true significance to be born in our hearts. May the beautiful holiday lights, parties, shopping and the exhausting rush of these days not distract us from the true meaning of what Christmas really is — and can be.


Oh! By the way the secret to finding the MAGIC of Christmas is to experience Christmas from the eyes of a child!!!

d magic of xmas

Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time.
~Laura Ingalls Wilder




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  1. Like your christmas magic quotes , said when you let go someyhing that is very important to you , when someone needs it , that is something to call a specail christmas also visiting extended families is christmas gift .

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