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 20130423-022222.jpgSelf Reinvention

Reinvention!!! I love the idea behind the word. It’s like the perfect ticket into an imaginary world. You can make what ever situation as glamorous and elegant as ever, and then stop and start all over again at will. But what I love most is the possibility for one to reinvent themselves. That is to give yourself a little boost or a new zest to life. Now, you know to reinvent yourself you have to be daring and willing to go ahead and do things you normally wouldn’t do, because, if you stay within your comfort zone, true reinvention will not be fully experienced.


create life” The 3 C’s of life: Choices, Chances, Changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.”

Anyway, I see that a lot of us girls like to go for some retail therapy as if getting a new wardrobe was all the boost we needed right?… Well, I’ll admit retail therapy is not bad, in fact I’ve had to do that a couple of times myself …lol! But, you see it’s a momentary relief and not to mention the fact that it’s an expensive habit. Have I got you screaming “Go straight to the point girl!!!” “lol! Okay I will.” For me I see self reinvention as a thing of the mind first, before moving on to attitude. Have you ever heard the saying “pick up a monkey from the jungle clean and dress it up, and then place it in the city… It’s still going to act like the monkey in the jungle.” sadly, that’s what a lot of us are doing. Hoping for a new lease in life and thinking we can get it through the thing we find on some shelf in a shop? Or some people we’ve tagged the “IT CROWD!” it’s important that you realize that you don’t need to find your identity in what you wear or who you follow. Your true identity comes from within, and you have to make sure that you keep developing yourself. Self reinvention is the starting point for that journey towards self development.

self reinvention” Making a big life change is pretty scary. But, you want to know what is more scarier? Regret!!!”

Now, let’s break it down what is self reinvention? Well, am certainly not talk about you hauling up yourself to some surgeon to change your body parts. What I am talking about here is you starting off on a clean slate, like you’ve just been re-born. Basically, it’s to remake or re-do your perspective or approach towards life completely. Note however, that it doesn’t really matter what prompted you to move towards re-inventing yourself. What’s really important is the “choice” to reinvent yourself!!! You need to realize that self reinvention is first a decision then an act before it becomes a story you tell others. It might take the conscious effort of acquiring an extra-curricular skill that you think would come in handy, but often it is done unconsciously. I remember, back in the days before I got on radio, I always imagined myself there, even before I started working. As a child, I started my own radio show had a make believe radio station we (a friend, my sister and I) called ALF fm. Back then for me it was just another extra curricular activity something else to do outside school work. It was my way of getting a new lease in life outside my regular schedule. And one day, I took that very scary decision to leave my white collar “regular” 9am – 5pm job even with the promise of an increase, and I moved on to radio. It was very scary, I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing, and worst I did not have a lot of supporters. But, it was something deep down inside me I knew I wanted to do. I’ve been on radio now for a couple of years and I have not regretted that decision to move on one bit.

Realize this, reinventing oneself is not exactly a walk in the park although, for some it might be. But, there is always going to be doubt and fear…. This is where I will now talk about those excuses we often come up with that stop us from reinventing ourselves.


self reinvention 1


 So here are five common stories that may trip you up on the way to self-reinvention, and some suggestions to begin to deal with them: –

The Responsibility Story: “I’m responsible for so many things/people/situations that I don’t have time to reinvent myself.” Flip this story by recognizing that true responsibility starts with you, and works outward. If ever there was a time to embrace this, it’s now. I will say, give some of that responsibility back to others, and for once put yourself first. –

The Scarcity Story: “Nothing ever works out so why bother trying?” you need to flip this story by connecting with others who are committed to reinvention. You will be pulled along by their enthusiasm, and begin to cultivate your own. –

The Perfection Story: “If I can’t be the best I won’t even consider it.” again flip this story by recognizing that human beings have to make mistakes before they get really good at something. Making mistakes makes you better at what you do, because you learn and grow from them. –

The Magic Story: “If it doesn’t come easily/fast then it’s not meant to be.” Flip this story by recognizing that magic happens when you take an active role in creating it yourself. And if you fully embrace the process of reinvention, rather than waiting for magic, you may be surprised by how fast things actually do start to fall into place. –

The I Just Want to Have Fun Story: “It’s too hard, too much work – it will cut into my time for the rest of my life.” Again I say, flip this story by recognizing that reinvention can be fun too, and that if you are pursuing something you truly value, you are fully capable of creating joy in the doing of it. In fact, it will actually give you more energy for the rest of your life. Do what you love. Do something because you really want to. You can’t lose. Your passions can become useful in surprising ways. Each time you have to reinvent yourself, you will find that the life you have lived is every bit as important as the job you have been paid for. What lies behind successful self-reinvention is the act of giving value to everything we have done. What should you be doing with your life? You should be doing what you think is valuable.

change yoour mindset 1

Steps To Reinvent Yourself

So, at this point the question I ask is, are you serious about reinventing yourself? I’m not talking about polishing yourself, improving yourself, making things a bit better. I’m talking about hitting the reset button—a reinvention that changes the game. That means an overhaul in your approach to life. If you’re up for that, then right here, right now, you can start. How? Easy! ….just read on.

Step One: Wake Up!

Realize that you’re not a victim to the bad economy, job market or your limited job skills. You have your hands on the steering wheel (whether it feels like it or not). Your life is on purpose. You designed it to get where you are. Quit feeling sorry for yourself, blaming, arguing and being depressed. Take back your power and start dreaming up something better. Are you afraid to pursue a better life because it’s not “realistic?” Consider this: When you “face reality” you’re accepting someone else’s idea of how life works and what is possible for you. When you say, “I will only face the reality I want to see,” you gain control of your life.

change your mind set

“What messes us up most in life is the picture we have in our head of how it is supposed to be.”

Step Two: Dream

We’re told from the time we’re children to stop dreaming, to get our heads out of the clouds and face reality. Yet dreaming creates reality. Dreams make us feel happy, raise our energy levels, and tap into our brilliance – which is where solutions live. Quit facing reality (and being pitiful). Instead, start dreaming of what you want to happen. Sit quietly for ten minutes and ask yourself: What would make me happy right now? What would make me happy this week? What do I want to happen in the next six months? Where do I want my life to be one year from now? What do I want my life to look like in five years? When the answers make you giggle, you’ve got it right. You won’t find your great work by thinking in a limited, small-minded way. You must dream BIG in order to find new answers.

Step Three: Ask Questions 

The question to ask is not: What can I do? The right question is: What do I love doing? Your greatest accomplishments most times come from your innate talent which comes gracefully and easily to you. If you’re not working from those innate talents, your work will be a chore, uninspired and unsuccessful. So ask yourself – What makes you different from your best friend? Your spouse? Your sister? What do you love doing when you have a day to yourself? What do your friends tell you you’re good at? What do you value in a career? What has been your favorite thing to do and why? What are you passionate about? Ask these questions until you get an answer.

Step Four: Move past the Pain, Doubt and Fear

What is your greatest pain? Have you lost someone you love? Have you suffered injustices or been ignored? Sometimes our deepest hurt is a powerful clue for finding our calling in life. Realizing this, not just helps to heal us but also heal the world as well. Our work /calling heals us by letting us offer to the world exactly what we need to heal ourselves. With this discovery we become relevant/valuable thus the healing begins for you and many others, remember what makes self-reinvention successful is the act of giving value. Plus by facing our pain, we turn it into energy. It moves us forward. Ask yourself what pain needs healing now? Let that answer guide you to do what you love. “Choose courage instead of letting your fear choose your future for you.” Step

Five: Visualize

Consider the possibility that if you spent even a couple minutes each day seeing positive outcomes for the things you worry about, life would go in a better direction. It’s worth a little experimenting? When we imagine what we want to happen, we tap into creative energy – the boundless realm of ever-changing possibilities. Our powerful thoughts attract circumstances and people in alignment with what we’re focusing on. This is not just talking its something I have experienced first hand per and over again. I always say “thought becomes things… Choose the good ones!”

Step Six: Spring Into Action!

After doing the steps described above, it’s essential that you take action. Go out into the world and research whatever new ideas you’ve come up with; Meet people, network, make phone calls, and take tangible steps in a new direction. Connect -for example, Look at the social media as a crack in the wall between you and the rest of the world. It’s a choice that’s up to you. And, once you begin moving forward in any direction – even if it’s the wrong direction – you’ll be pulled into the flow of forward-moving energy, and you’ll be guided to the right people and opportunities eventually. Forward motion takes on a life of its own. Personally I think any movement is better than no movement.

Step Seven: Accept Change!

Always look at change as the solution – not the problem. As difficult as that might sound its the way forward. Change is inevitable, even our bodies are constantly changing; our cells replicating and dying. Our minds and spirits change as we have new experiences.

When we’re changing, we’re in the flow of life. If we’re not changing and moving forward, we’re stagnant and cut off. We must learn to embrace change, because like it or not it always takes us to a better place.

Your approach to life should not be a solid, unchanging object. It changes form as you interact with the world and have new thoughts and beliefs.

What works for you today will change tomorrow. That’s a good thing! Ride the wave of change and life will unfold gracefully.

Learn to use your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings to make your life better, and to pursue your dreams passionately. Take a grand step towards a happier life. Just take it one step at a time.

In conclusion, I will say congratulation! You already took a first step. You read something that challenged you to think differently. The path to reinvention, though, is just that—a path. The opportunity of our time is to discard what you think you know and instead learn what you need to learn. Every single day…. Like the author Seth Godin says now–right now–is the best time to transform your life. Have a great time reinventing yourself. I am working on reinventing myself… Are you? So, do you have a story about self-reinvention? If so, I’d love to hear it!

20130423-012442.jpg” When you “face reality” you’re accepting someone else’s idea of how life works and what is possible for you.”


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