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Now, this is just a heads up on what this soul sista is all abt she goes by the name Faith Onyebujoh was born on the 25th of May. She hails from delta state in Nigeria and she finished from federal university of technology Minna. Her principle in life is simplicity and decency. She loves swimming but once she in the water it’s difficult to get her out even though she is not exactly a great swimmer, she enjoys meeting people and likes to believe the best in people; no matter the mood she’s in, music gets through to her. She’s in love with music from pop, R and B, hip hop, rock you name it; and of course faith believes that for someone who really is into music, such a person should be able to dance. “Yes! I looooove dancing not to blow my own trumpet but I am a great dancer. My next great hobby would be watching movies, and then reading. I believe in keeping family values for they are the core of a nation. Plus in everything I do I put God first, can’t do without the big guy upstairs.”

..And here with this forum she is steps into your life with a friendly smile, and a swell personality.

if it’s someone who would be realistic you’re looking for, you’ll get that and more here on Memoirs Of A Soul Sista.



Posted September 25, 2011 by Faith Onyebujoh

8 responses to “ABOUT

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  1. Nice blog you got here, rather positive, hope you don’t mind if I stick around and read a bit? Until later.

  2. Am so in love with ur blog. Am stuck
    God will bless you as you bless others with your write up.

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the pingback (I think that’s what it is called). I look forward to spending some time on your blog. Blessings to you.

  4. Yeh! Faith is finally blogging….Would read through every article!

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